Saturday, April 2, 2011

Boulder Internal Arts an Yi Zong School: Things i tell my students about Push Hands training:

  1. Push Hands/ Tue Shou or Rou Shou/ Rolling Hands or San Shou (?)/ Sticking hands is part of any real Chinese internal martial arts system.
  2. Push hands is a drill, not fighting or sparring.
  3. The Push Hands drill begins with the idea that we have already closed the distance on our opponent, established contact points, and are attempting to control their center. 
  4. Sticking hands will develop close in fighting skill. 
  5. A lot of schools will treat Push Hands training as an end unto itself, this is a bad habit, it is a training tool designed to develop a specific skill set in a specific fighting range.
  6. Within that range there are numerous skills to train, throwing and sweeping, striking, kicking, joint locking etc.

1 comment:

  1. Push hands is a vital tool to learning how to apply internal martial arts well. I completely agree that it is a tool and not fighting/sparring. Even when intensity is increased to a point where there is no cooperation, there is still an underlying set of rules involved, ie remaining in contact. If I break contact I break the rules. Fighting and sparring do not recognize this 'rule'.
    Rou shou has got to be one of my favorite training tools that we have in the Yizong arts!
    Good stuff, O!