Friday, September 23, 2022

Scott Rodell on Beginner Swordplay


"A common problem with beginners' swordplay is concentrating on strategy before mastering technique. This is like discussing chess strategy before knowing all the pieces and how they move to take other pieces. New students search for a trick to winning. However without technique fully mastered and incorporated in one's mind-body, they lack the ability and tools to change when their trick fails them. Likewise, if their duifang has a trick of strategy they do not comprehend, they have no way for responding to unexpected situations. This is the error of putting strategy before technique in the study of swordsmanship. Before thinking about strategy, students of swordsmanship must study each cut, mastering them one at a time." ~ Scott M. Rodell 

Thursday, September 15, 2022

On Long and Short Weapons - Trans. Scott M. Rodell







"Long weapons have a wooden shaft, (for) short weapons the arm is the shaft. With long weapons, advancing and retreating, the spirit is in the hands, (for) short weapons, moving forward or back requires footwork. The feet must be cunning like a rabbit, your body (fast) like the wind, (then) the three foot (sword) can disable the spear."

 - Trans. Scott M. Rodell quoted from Wu Shu’s Jiàn Jué Gē (Sword Rhyme Song, 劍訣歌)