Thursday, March 2, 2023

Xing Yi Quan - 8yr Old Cirl Cheng Aojin (程奥金)

"Cheng Aojin (程奥金), 8 years old little girl from Beijing is disciple of my friend Wang Xiaoyu (王小玉) from lineage of  Li Taihe(李太和). Her skill is simply amazing.   Her master Wang Xiaoyu is also mastered in Li Ziming Bagua style, he is disciple of my gong fu auntie, daughter of grandmaster Li Ziming(李子鸣)Xing Yi Quan lineage: Li Luoneng(李洛能)---Li Taihe(son 李太和)---Li Zhenban(李振邦)---Xue dian(薛顛)---Zhang Song(张松)---Wang Xiaoyu(王小玉)---Cheng Aojin(程奥金)"