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Monday, February 14, 2022

Xingyiquan - Mao Mingchong

Basic Xingyiquan Technique. Forms of hands, stands, step. Also shown is wuxingquan - a fist of 5 primary elements, shiersin - 12 animals. Forms of wuxingquan are shown in 3 versions, differ in speed of execution, step, release of force, shiersin in 2 versions. 

Mao Mingchun is the current deputy chairman of the Taiyuan City Association of Taijiquan and Tuishou, holder of 8 duans in wushu. One of the authors and drafters of the qualification requirements for the system of receiving duans in wushu, he holds the position of an expert consultant at the Hong Kong Wushu Association. 

Since childhood, Mao Mingchun studied the methods of traditional wushu, in 1978, after successfully passing the exams, he entered the Faculty of Physical Education at Shanxi University. In 1982, due to the high level in the list of those who passed the exams in the methods, theory and practice of wushu, he entered the graduate school at Shanxi University at the same faculty of physical education. In 1984, after graduation, according to distribution, he remains at the university to work as a teacher and trainer in wushu, and also teaches lessons on traditional methods of strengthening the body, feeding vitality (yangsheng).

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Kunwu Sword Manual 李凌霄 by Li Lingxiao - trans. Scott M. Rodell


Xīn, yǎn, shēn, shǒu, bù, běn shǔ liánhé dòngzuò. Gèzhǒng quán jì, mòbù jiǎngjiù. Jiànshù yì rán. Xuézhě bùkě hū yě.

Mind, eye, body, hand, steps, are all united in action. Of all types of boxing arts none doesn’t pay attention to this. The sword art is also this way. Practitioners must not neglect this.

Kunwu Sword Manual
by Li Lingxiao [published Feb, 1935]
-trans. Scott M. Rodell

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Sunday, February 6, 2022

Shuai Jiao Training | Big Stick/Da Bang Zi 大棒子

 Shuai Jiao Training | Big Stick/Da Bang Zi 大棒子

Shuai Jiao Big Stick | 大棒子讲横 “the big stick teaches heng" 

The Da Bang Zi is one of Shuai Jiao's most useful training tools.  It teaches us how to to develop and use 'heng', which is circular, horizontal force to off balance your opponent. 

As with all training, understanding the intent and purpose of the movement helps shape our training so that it carries over into noncooperative application. 

Shuai Jiao is the oldest form of Kung Fu in China and one of the oldest forms of wrestling the world to be continuously trained and practiced.  Throughout its history it has always been used in a combative or competitive format, meaning that its techniques and training methods have been developed through real usage.  It is hard to even imagine the influence it is had on the development of Chinese Martial Arts except for the fact that is said that all forms of Kung Fu should contain throwing techniques.

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