Monday, August 27, 2018

Chinese Jian/ Sword - Chen Wei-Ming - Sun Lu Tang

"This is a wonderfully clear photo taken from an original glass negative of Chen Wei-Ming, first official disciple under Master Sun Lu-T'ang and later a disciple under Master Yang Cheng-Fu. This photo shows Chen Wei-Ming posing in the posture Immortal Points to the Path [the Way] from Yang Family Style Taiji Sword. I describe this posture and the complete sword form, complete with his old photos, taught by Chen Wei-Ming in his book that I translated which is available at Amazon Books. I thought that some of you would love this beautiful and historic photo to hang on your wall for inspiration."
Bradford Tyrey  Found: HERE 

Friday, August 17, 2018

Dao de Jing Chapter 68 - Trans. Scott M. Rodell

Dao de Jing Chapter 68, Great warriors are not... 


Shàn wéi shì zhě bù wǔ.
Shànzhàn zhě bù nù.
Shànshèng dí zhě bù yǔ.
Shàn yòngrén zhě wéi zhī xià.
Shì wèi bùzhēng zhī dé.
Shì wèi yòngrén zhī lì.
Shì wèi pèi tiān gǔ zhī jí.

Great warriors are not militaristic.
Great soldiers do not get angry.
Great conquers do not gloat.
Those good at managing men are humble.
This is called the virtue of non-contention. 
This is called the strength of using men.
This is called the highest manifestation of accord with heaven.

Trans. Scott M. Rodell  - "The above painting is of the Daoist Sword Immortal, Lu Dongbin. For more information, please see:"

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Monday, August 13, 2018

Chinese Bronze Sword of King Fuchai

"King Fuchai (reigned 495–473 BC) of the Warring State of Wu was the son of King Helu who had employed the great Sun Tzu as commander. His excavated bronze sword is shown here"

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