Monday, February 26, 2018

Taiji Sword by Chen Weiming - translation by Scott M. Rodell


Guān cǐ bǐ jiàn zhuān zhōng wàn bì yǔ tàijí jiàn zhī yòng
Hé gù qí fǎ jiē bù chuán
shì zhī néng jiàn zhě dàdǐ jiē wǔ jiàn zhī
lèi rú fēng juǎn rú diàn chí rú niǎo luò rú lóng xiáng róng guān suī
měi wèibì shì yú yòng yě

Demonstrations of sword matches that focus on (striking) the wrist and arm are used the same in taiji sword. (I’ve) noticed that this has not been passed down. 
Generally speaking, those practicing the sword dance today are like a rolling wind, very fast like a swooping bird, and with an appearance like a soaring dragon; it looks beautiful but is not necessarily of any use.

Quoted from the introduction to Taiji Sword by Chen Weiming (1929)
trans: Scott M. Rodell

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Jian Chinese Straight Sword - Paul Andrews - Xingyi Academy

"A picture I made some time ago for students to learn the names of parts of the Jian. I think we should strive to use the traditional terminology more, it is a sign of respect for the culture and the art of Chinese swordplay and shows our sincerity and dedication to the art. The design is based from a picture ofGraham Cave's Tigers Den mujian (wooden jian) which are the training swords we prefer." Paul Andrews - Xingyi Academy 

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Xingyi Quan Classes - Colorado - Hsing I Chuan Classes in Boulder

Boulder Internal Arts offers a complete system of traditional Chinese Internal Kung Fu training.  Xingyi Quan (Hsing I Chuan) classes give you a method for building self awareness, lasting health, and personal transformation through movement and martial contact in Boulder, Colorado

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    Sunday, February 18, 2018

    Wudang Swordsmanship 13 Techniques 武當劍法十三勢

    Wudang Swordsmanship 13 Techniques 武當劍法十三勢

    Wudang Swordsmanship 13 techniques (武當劍法十三勢)are introduced by “Magic Sword” General Li JingLin (李景林) in 1920s. General Li met and learnt Wudang Swordsmanship from a Wudang Sword Master Song WeiYi (宋唯一)from 1922. Ji(Strike), Ci(Stab), Ge(Block), Xi(Wash) are four main techniques in the original Wudang sword techniques which is taught by master Song WeiYi.
    General Li JingLin introduced these swords techniques to his soldiers, after he created his swordsmanship company(劍術連) in the army. General Li also invited other swordsmanship teachers such as Xing Yi Master Sun LuTang, Bagua Zhang Master Jia QiShen to his swordsmanship company as an adviser. From numerous sword sparring and experiments inside the swordsmanship company in the army, general Li and his crews extracted and analysed the practice movements. They developed 13 main techniques and called “Wudang swordsmanship 13 techniques (Wudang Jian Fa Shi San Shi)”
    This clip shows how the movement look like and application base on wudang sword techniques in "The Major Methods of Wudang Sword" by Huang Yuan Xiou (武當劍法大要- 黃元秀)

    Free english translation is available in this site: https://brennantranslation.wordpress.... 武當劍法十三勢 武當劍法十三勢 武當劍法十三勢 由"神劍"李景林 將軍於1920年代推廣開來,。李景林 將軍於1922年向 武當劍傳人 宋唯一 習得 "武當劍法"。之後 李景林在軍中成立"劍術連 "把武當劍術授與部下,當中更邀請了劍術名家如孫祿堂, 賈岐山等作顧問。李景林在"劍術連" 中與其部下在不斷以劍對打及實驗中, 抽取實用技法, 並共同研究出劍術實用方法。 在原來武當劍法 中"撃,格,洗 ,刺 " 四母劍之基礎上, 整理出劍法十三勢。稱之為武當劍法十三勢。 以下影片是我們試演 。參考自"武當劍法大要" 黃元秀 著一書