Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Boulder Internal Arts an Yi Zong School: Chinese Numerology

  Tao ()
0. is Wuji (無極), the Void
1. is Tai Ji (太極), the Undifferentiated Whole
2. is Yin and Yang (阴阳), the Differentiated Whole
3. is San Bao (三宝), the Three Treasures: Tian (Heaven), Di (Earth), and Ren (Man)
4. is Si Xiang (四象), the Four Shapes
5. is Wu Xing (五行), the Five elements
6. is Liu He (六和), the Six Harmonies or coordination’s
7. is Qi Xing (七星), the Seven Stars
8. is Bagua (八卦), the Eight Tri-Grams
9. is Jiu Gong (宫九), the Nine Palaces
10. is the (= 一萬), Ten Thousand Things

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