Thursday, April 7, 2011

Li Luoneng Founder of Modern Xingyi Quan

Li Luoneng (李洛能), also known as Li Feiyu (李飞羽), Li Nengran (李能然), Li Laonong (李老农), and Li Luonong (李洛农), was referred as the founder of Xingyiquan.

Li Luoneng was born in Shenzhou City, Hebei Province in 1808; Li passed away in 1890 at the age of 81 years old.

Li Luoneng resided to Taigu County of Shanxi Province for business purposes at the age of 37 in 1845 and he began to learned Dai family version of Xinyiquan during the same year. Li started martial arts at young age and he was skilled in the art of Tongbeiquan before he learned Dai family’s boxing. Li established himself as a great martial artist in Shanxi, which also earned him the nickname of Divine-Fist-Li (神拳李), within 10 years of after he started in Dai Style Xinyi.

Li Luoneng began his teaching of his version of Xinyiquan as Xingyiquan at Taigu County in the 1856 until 1871. Che Yizhai (车毅斋, 1833 – 1915), Song Shirong (宋世荣, 1849 – 1927), Song Shide (宋世德, 1857 – 1921), Li Guangheng (李廣亨, 1859 – 1934) are some of his students during this period. This earlier version of Li’s Xingyiquan is classified as Shanxi Xingyiquan in modern days Xingyiquan circle.

Li Luoneng, at 63 years old, returned to his hometown, Shenzhou City, in 1871. Li continued to spread the art of Xingyiquan at his hometown in his later years. Guo Yunshen (郭云深, 1820 – 1901), Li Qilan (刘奇兰, 1819 – 1889), Liu Xiaolan (刘晓兰, 1819-1909), He Yunheng (贺运恒) are the students of this period. The Xingyiquan of this period is usually referred as Hebei Xingyiquan.


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    My name is Jess O'Brien, don't think we've met but I've trained with Luo De Xiu on the summer seminars here in the Bay Area. I've also trained with Bill and Moses once in Maryland. Hope to meet you sometime!
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    The picture you have on this post is Jin Yun Ting I believe, not Li Luo Neng. Jin's book was translated as "Xing Yi Boxing Manual" and was published by North Atlantic a while back.

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