Monday, April 4, 2011

Boulder Internal Arts an Yi Zong School: Real Lightness Skill

All the flying on wires you see in Kung Fu movies has a basis in reality. In the Chinese martial arts there is an art called Qing Gong or Lightness Skill. There is a story about the founder of Bagua Zhang Dong Haichuan Teaching Qing Gong. Supposedly Dong had trained the lightness skill in his youth (you have to start early in life) and had a good level of ability. When he started teaching Bagua Zhang he had a student he taught his lightness skill to and he became a burglar using his skill to rob peoples homes. When Dong found out he was so angry that he never taught the skill again, or so the story goes. But the skill does exist. We see manifestations of it every day. I think we see it so much it has become almost commonplace.
Here are some examples:
2009 Long jump Record. He jumps over 29'!
here is guy from Cuba clearing 8' in the high jump:

Here is an excellent example on qing gong from China:

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