Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kung Fu Bad Ass - Wu Meng Xia

Wu Mengxia 吳孟俠 1905-1979 was a legendary martial arts master from whom the ZeZong branch of Gao Baguazhang descends. He studied with many masters including Gao YiSheng, Han Muxia and others. He knelt to Gao Yisheng when he lost a challenge to Gao Yisheng (who was 64 at the time). He was a grandstudent of Yang Banhou as well as being Gao's senior student in the Tienjin period. After the Revolution he founded the Guang Hua Ze Zong Tong Yi She in Tianjin. His accomplishments include being Director of Publications at the National Guoshu Institute during World War Two. His book "Annotations on Taijiquan's Nine Songs and Eighty-One Postures" is one of the classic published works on Taijiquan.

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