Thursday, July 2, 2020

History of Kung Fu Fighting

"Sanda 散打 is a Chinese combat sport that has been around since 1979. We're using the term Sanda to refer to the modern iteration of the sport. A similar term Sanshou 散手 is often used interchangeably with Sanda, but Sanshou is usually more broad in its application and can refer to more than just the combat sport of Chinese kickboxing, so we will use Sanda here. In this interview translation and analysis, we have one of the first Sanda fighters and the first Sanda National Team head coach talk about the founding of Sanda and some of its intricacies and initial challenges. This interview is mindblowing because it sheds some light on the influences of Sanda. We have one of the first Sanda fighters talking so candidly. The guy's name according to the video is Qian Ren Biao. "


"A history of kung fu fighting! NSW. The good, the bad and the ugly. Those who could fight, those who didn't fight, those who THOUGHT they could fight. 1954 Macau Chan Hak Fu vs Wu Kung Yi, Kung Fu vs Muay Thai matches 1921 to 1974, South East Asian Cup, Kuoshu Lei Tai in the 1920's and 1930's. Chang Dongsheng, Hong Yixiang, Chan Tai San, Wang Zi Qing, Zhao Dao Xin, Zhu Guo Lu. Truth is not black and white. There are no easy answers."

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