Friday, November 21, 2014

Taiji Quan Seminar Dec 7th – The Essence of Taiji Quan

Boulder Internal Arts Presents:
Taiji Quan – The Essence of Taiji

Grasp Birds Tail & the Four Essential Actions

The Goal of this Class is to create a Technical and Theoretical basis for understanding the Purpose, Usage and Practice of the Four Essential Actions of Taiji Quan – the Supreme Ultimate Fist. 

This Class will cover, in a Systematic and Step by Step Manner, the Solo form and Two Person Practices Associated with the training of the four essential actions. We will be training and moving a lot! Including: 

·  How to train by yourself and with others.

·  Troubleshooting your push hands

·  Why train push hands? What are the results?

When: Sunday December 7th 1pm to 4pm  Cost: $15

Where: Pre-Eminence Hall, 3213Walnut st. Boulder, CO

Contact: or 720 841 3526

Note: All participants must sign up in advance

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