Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Chen Taiji - Chen ZiQiang - Denver, CO

Chen ZiQiang 陳自強 is 125 pounds. His opponent is 240 pounds.

Using very little destructive spectrum of his skills, and no fist or elbow "fajin". (All other Chen ZiQiang sparring videos he used zero destructive power)

CZQ is a pure Taijiquan martial artist, 20th generation Chen Village descendant, the family that originated all "Tai Chi" systems in the world. His opponent is a skilled fighter in real-world scenarios, a well-rooted internal martial artist, and a Sambo and Greco wrestler. He said he used 100% of force.

He was still preserving the safety of his opponent. All other sparring videos of him you see on YouTube he's using about 10% of his ability due to court/liability aversion.

Chen ZiQiang has a full team of his personally trained young contestants looking to make the move to USA's UFC/MMA tournaments. We are just stuck at US Embassy stage.

Workshops coming to Denver, November 18 to 22 on three topics: meditation, health regeneration, and combat application. According to CZQ, these are the three core elements in the traditional TaiJiQuan spectrum. They are not independent of each other, but merely gradation of demand and difficulty, operating on exact same principles.

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