Friday, March 8, 2013

Shaolin Abbot Hai Deng

*Disclaimer* I have no idea if the following is true or factual.
This documentary is an awesome Chinese propaganda piece. After the success of movie "Shaolin Temple" with Jet Li,  the Chinese government saw the possibility of developing the Shaolin temple as a tourist destination. Hai Ting had been a monk at Shaolin in the 1920's or 1930's before it was blown up (apparently it was being used as an ammo dump). Eventually he was arrested for being a religious subversive, tortured and kept in Jail by the Communists. Subsequently he was released and went to live his life until Shaolin was reopened. He was approached by the government and told he was going to be made Abbot of Shaolin. Hai Ting died not long after this movie was made.

Check out parts 8 and 9. Part 8 has a very young Jet Li with Sun Lu Tangs  daughter Sun Ji An, Tai Ji guy Wu Tu Nan, Liang style Bagua master Li Zi Ming and others.

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