Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wing Chun VS Xing Yi - Fight!

"This is footage taken for a reality TV show in China, focusing on taking young Wing Chun and MMA guys to train and fight with exponents of various traditional Chinese arts. Each episode was dedicated to 1-3 arts. There was an episode dedicated to XYQ, XinYi Liu He and Dai XinYi. In that episode, a few XYQ people (though not XinYi practitioners) fought the hosts (Wing Chun guy and MMA guy), and did poorly against them overall. .......Most of the footage shown on the video I posted here was originally taken for that episode......" here


  1. I admire these guys for getting into it. But i don't understand why they only spar in one range. They don't close or grapple or kick or throw or............