Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sha Guozhen - Bagua Zhang Master!

From the
"Sha Guozhen is a legend in Chinese martial arts.
He began studying martial arts as a child. He started learning Bagua at 16 studying under Wang Lide's student Wang Chiche. Wang Lide had been a student of Dong Haichuan and practiced "Lion style" bagua. Although he later studyed under many other great masters of bagua including Jiang Rongqiao his bagua always carried some of the characteristic of the lion style he first mastered.
Eventually he combined his experience in bagua and knowledge of Wang Lide's Lion style, Jiang Rongqiao's bagua, Sun style Bagua, and the various other bagua styles he had come into contact with into his own form.
Bagua was not his only focus, during his lifetime he studied many different styles and was well known for his XingYi, Six Harmony Spear, and Wudang Sword.
He was also known for his bravery in fighting against the Japanese occupation during the Sino-Japanese war.
During the later years of his life he dedicated his time to teaching martial arts as well as setting up a free clinic to use his knowledge of Chinese medicine to provide free treatment to those in need where he lived in Yunnan province, as well as donating his extensive collection of traditional Chinese medical texts and recipes to to the public."

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