Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wudang "Inner School sets"!

1.Wǔdāng Tàijí Shísān Shì (Wudang Taiji Thirteen Postures)
2.Wǔdàng Tiān Gāng Quán (Wudang Heavenly Stems Boxing)
3.Wǔdàng Tàiyǐ Jiàn (Wudang Great 2nd stem(Great Divinity) Sword)

This is from a Taoist lineage of the Wudang school that is now located in the Heilongjiang (Manchuria) area of China. I can't find the actual Chinese name of the lineage but they do have a few D.V.D.s out and on them they translate the name of the school as the "Innermost School of Taoist Boxing", I'll keep looking for the actual name of the school.
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