Monday, August 1, 2011

Green Duckweeds - Comin' At Ya!

Ching Ping Jian Shu (青萍劍術), or Green Duckweeds Straight Sword Techniques, are well-known straight sword forms of Chinese Taoist martial arts. According to a document written in 1856, the techniques originated from the Taoist Pan-Zhen (潘真道人) who resided in the Long-Hu Mountain of the Jiangxi Province and have been passed down from generation to generation for more than one hundred years. The techniques are organized into six forms and the total number of movements is 365. The form in the video is based on the book by Lu Jun-Hai (卢俊海), et al, entitled Ching Ping Jian Shu (1989, People's Physical Education Publication Co.). Sifu Wei-Chung Lin (林維中) has modified some of the movements to make them more consistent with the internal martial arts body mechanics.

In the video, Alma Kalamperovic (12 years old) demonstrates Ching Ping Jian Form One and its applications. She has been training with Sifu Wei-Chung Lin of the Chinese Taoist Martial Arts Association in Skokie (a northern suburb of Chicago), Illinois ( ) for almost three years.

The body mechanics employed in the execution of the movements are based on the Pre-Heaven Power Method. The details of the Pre-Heaven Power Method can be found in

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