Friday, August 26, 2011

Rare Xingyi Quan Video

Shang Zhirong (尚芝蓉, 1922 – 2004) daughter of Shang Yunxiang (尚云祥, 1864 – 1937)

Shang Zhirong (尚芝蓉, 1922 – 2004), from Leling City of Shandong Province, was the daughter of Shang Yunxiang (尚云祥, 1864 – 1937). Shang Zhirrong, being the daughter of Shang Yunxiang, was naturally started her martial arts training at very young age, when she was 5 years old to be exact. The 15-year-old Shang took up a job to teach at the Beijing police station for making a living after her father passed away in 1937. She had overcome numerous challenges and ambushes to earn the respect of the law enforcement units.

Shang Zhirong returned to her hometown, Leling City of Shandong Province, with her mother after the Communist Party has took over China in 1951. Shang continued to live as a farm woman until after the Cultural Revolution in 1976, she restored communications with her seniors and the martial arts circle. Shang was appointed as the chief instructor of Leling Martial Arts Academy in 1985, she also served as the vice-president of Xingyiquan Institute of Shandong Province, adviser of Jinan Xingyiquan Institute and Beijing Xingyiquan Institute, etc. Shang Zhirong, together with her senior Li Wenbin, has co-written a Shang Style Xingyiquan intructional book.
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