Saturday, April 1, 2023

“In the Sword, don't use hand business. You put the sword near the targets then issue short energy to stab or cut. This is the fundamental theory or principle. At the last moment, go. Only Cheng Man-Ch'ing told us this so many times. You look at his sword form, so soft. We said, "What is this kind of sword? There is no energy used, nothing." He said it is not necessary to use energy. That means you get close, then use energy. Not from way back to stab forward. Don't use energy all the way, just the last moment. The last moment is enough, that kind of energy must be developed. Use your whole body, not just the hand. Gradually, intrinsic energy will be developed. You see my hand, the sword is nearly dropped, but it cannot fall out. it looks loose, but you cannot knock it out of my hand. That is the principle, gradually you'll do according to this way. It looks easy, but it takes ten years to reach that level.”

- TT Liang quoted from: T'ai-Chi Ch'uan Lessons with Master. Liang Compiled and Edited by Ray Hayward

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