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Bagua Zhang - Ma Weixin (1847 ~1875) - Student of Dong Hai Chuan

Ma Weixin (1847 ~1875), a person of Dingxing, Hebei, Dong Haichuan, and one of the representative figures of the gossip.
Ma Weixin's family opened a coal plant in the east of Beijing, nicknamed "Coal Horse". During the same period, Dong Haichuan left the Suwang Palace due to his old age. He lived in Ma Weixin's home for three years. During this time, Ma Weibin devoted himself to following Dong Haichuan's practice. He was well He is good at wind wheel palms, leg points and back back stacks, and is known as "iron leg coal horse". He has a violent temperament, he is willing to fight others. He often goes to the martial arts in the area of the Temple of Heaven to compete with others. He has also traveled to the areas of Hebei, Henan, and Shandong to challenge people, and he has He passed away at a very young age (29 years old). The cause of death has been mixed. Legend has it that he was enforced because he broke the rules of martial law, and there are also legends that he was poisoned.
There are two statements about his students.
One saying is that Ma Weixin did not accept disciples. His wind wheel was only passed on to Liu Cai Shen (the younger brother of Liu Dongshen), a disciple of After Ma Weixin's death, Liu Cai-shen asked Cheng Tinghua as a teacher. Therefore, the elements of wind wheel palm and leg method were added to the soft palm passed by Cheng T
Another saying is that Yang Bin inherited all of Ma Weixin's practices. Yang Bin is a relative of Ma Weixian and has lived in Ma's family for a long After Ma Weibu died, in order to avoid the harm of his enemies, he went to Shenyang to preach Hu Laiyi, Liu Dekui, Xu Guodong and other disciples. Hu Laiyi also preached Wang's blessing and so on. The iconic kung fu of this existing mavis include wind wheel paw, back dorsal and dragon-shaped 72 amputations.

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