Monday, June 27, 2022

Power Of Chi The Movie - Is this really Chi or sophisticated body mechanics?

Power Of Chi The Movie - Is this Chi or something else? 

Several hundred years ago, when Tai Chi methods were being created and developed, the languaging they had to describe the results of their process was "Chi", "Yin/ Yang", and "5 elements", these terms mean different things to different groups in the east and west. They may mean something specific to a Daoist monk, an average Chinese person, or a TCM practitioner. They didn't have anatomical western terms like body mechanics, alignment, joint articulation, or fascia to describe what they were feeling and doing during a transfer knowledge between student and teacher. In the west, "Chi" immediately conjures up magical energy, and that seems to be what they are selling in this movie but we will have to wait and see. The skills Mr. Mizner is demonstrating in this video are not magic, they are body skills that have been passed down by generations of Chinese internal martial arts practitioners. They are teachable, transferable, and replicable and, to give Mr. Mizner credit, he is practicing these skills at a very high level while being filmed. 

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