Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Xingyi - Grandmaster Zhang Baoyang- Ji Xing Si Ba

Xingyi  - Grandmaster Zhang Baoyang - Ji Xing Si Ba

"1999 year, Ritan park Beijing (北京日坛公园), Xing Yi Quan (形意拳) Grandmaster Zhang Baoyang (张宝杨✝2016) practice JI Xing Si Ba  (鸡形四把 Four handles of chicken fist) Zhang Baoyang was famous Chinese master of Xing Yi Quan, founder of the Beijing Xing Yi Quan Research Association of the Beijing Wushu Association(北京武术协会形意拳研究会) He devoted all life to teach and promote Xing Yi Quan. He was disciple of Shanxi Xing Yi Quan warrior Wang Jiwu (王继武) and also learned from famous Iron Luohan Zhang Changfa (铁罗汉张长发) from Hebei province. His civil occupation was doctor of traditional chinese medicine.  Lineage: Li Luoneng(李洛能)----Liu Qilan(刘奇兰)-----Wang Fuyuan(王福元)-----Wang Jiwu(王继武)----Zhang Baoyang (张宝杨)"

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