Thursday, February 25, 2021

Wudang Sword Grip by Scott Rodell


Wudang Sword Grip

"The Classic Manual “Fundamentals of the Wudang Sword Method (武當劍法大要),” records the correct sword grip as: “The grip technique is for the thumb to reach between the third and fourth finger to make the grip. The forefinger and little finger usually are loose, the center of the palm shaped like it can hold something. When striking or thrusting (with this grip) the sword has lively, profound skill far beyond that with the dead grip, but training this (grip) requires a long time.”* 

Those who follow the way of the sword today have two choices. The first, to follow the teaching recorded by accomplished masters of the past, teacher such as Li Jinglin (李景林). Or, if one feels his or her skill equal to or exceeds these past masters, evolve something new. For myself, I prefer to follow the path of past masters to the very best of my abilities. Given that these teachers lived in a time when they and others actually engaged in lethal, bladed combat where their lives were at stake, it seems wise to follow their tuition. To think ourselves wiser seems sheer folly and arrogance. 


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