Thursday, August 20, 2020

Xinyi Liuhe Quan - Ma Deyun explains applications of Danba in Luoyang branch


                    Xinyi Liuhe Quan - Ma Deyun explains applications of Danba in Luoyang branch

"Ma Deyun is one of the leading masters of the less known system of Xinyi Liuhe Quan practised in Luoyang. While the more popular branch from Lushan/Zhoukou has received more attention due to the efforts of the disciples of Yuan Fengyi, especially Lu Songgao, who taught in Shanghai, the Luoyang system has remained relatively obscure and has been taught within the muslim communities of the city only. It comes from Ma Xing, student and relative of Ma Xueli, who was not only a skilful martial artist, but also a well educated military official. While Luoyang system differs from the Lushan/Zhoukou branch, their theory and principles remain the same. On this video Ma Deyun, the disciple of famous Jin Heiyan demonstrates and explains the applications of the key basic method of the system - Dan Ba (Single Seize). 

What makes the video really interesting are the principles of the system behind these simple applications: importance of footwork (old Xinyi Liuhe Quan boxing manual speaks of "defeating all under heaven with the old rooster shape" - Rooster Shape focuses on developing footwork), following the movements of the opponent and adjusting ones stance accordingly (against common idea of xinyi/xingyi as systems with "going through the wall" mindset), fighting in close distance and using the body rather than just hands. 

Great attention is paid to the correct position of the feet, especially the front foot, which "seizes the ground", while the rear one is the engine behind the movement and its applications. It shows how direct yet at the same time sophisticated the system is, and how various skills - coordination, footwork, using body - must be developed first to make its techniques effective." by Jarek Szymanski

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