Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Chinese Swords - Miáodāo (苗刀)


Chinese Swords - Miáodāo (苗刀)

"Miáodāo - a long saber? In today's martial arts circles the word is exclusively associated with a large two-handed saber, and only the top example in the above picture would be recognized as a miáodāo. Understandibly so, because the single handed narrow saber, also known as the liǔyèdāo (柳葉刀), gradually fell out of use not long after the fall of the Qing. It got replaced by the iconic niúwěidāo (牛尾刀) that is seen in the hands of every martial artist from the 1930s, and so the only narrow saber that remained in use was the long variety." - Peter Dekker

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