Saturday, June 20, 2020

Chen style Taijiquan - Chenjiagou 1984 - Early Demonstrations by the Big Four and others

Chenjiagou 1984 - Early Demonstrations of Chen style Taijiquan by the Big Four and others

"Probably earliest footage of nowadays four most famous experts of Large Frame of Chen style Taijiquan from Chenjiagou: Chen Xiaowang, Wang Xi'an, Zhu Tiancai and Chen Zhenglei. Disciples of both Chen Zhaopei (Large/Old Frame) and Chen Zhaokui (Large/New Frame), who went through dedicated training and later have been representing the village martial art in China and around the world. The video is unique as it shows demonstration of complete routines

The video shows not only empty hand routines but also weapons - spear, sword, broadsword, halberd. It also includes very interesting demos of Small Frame as well as Large Frame by a less known practitioner.

It is interesting to see the personal touch of each practitioner in his demonstration - relative hardness of Wang Xi'an, softness of Zhu Tiancai, fluidity of Chen Zhenglei (the unusual movements of his head draw attention too), and good balance of softness and connection of Chen Xiaowang. The demo of Small Frame with its smooth transformation between movements is also very distinct."

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