Sunday, June 26, 2016

Bagua Eight Palm Variations Kua 2 and selected applications - Mike Patterson

Bagua Eight Palm Variations Kua 2 and selected applications - Mike Patterson 
"This is the second in a series regarding Bagua's eight palm variations form (Ba Chang Bien Hsing) and sample applications. Complete instructions on both the form and complete applications can be found on our instructional DVD series on this set at here..."


  1. Greetings,

    I believe this form (Ba Chang Bien Hsing 八掌变形) comes directly from the Cheng and/or Gao styles; just wondering if any books out there have this form in it(?) Thank you for your time.

    1. Yes. There is a book that has the Ba Chang Bien Hsing Form in it - and - yes, it does come from the Gao (Yisheng) Style 高義盛, which in turn descends from the Cheng Style 程氏. Wen Zhongshi 溫仲石 wrote a book titled 'You Shen Lianhuan Baguazhang', which was translated into English by Joseph Crandall. It's Vol. VIII of his Classical Baguazhang series. You can find it on Plum Publications and elsewhere.
      Ba Chang Bien Hsing 八掌變形(套路) is commonly referred to as Yóu Shēn/Yóu Lóng Liànhuán Bāguàzhǎng 游身/游龍鏈環八卦掌, which means 'The Swimming Body (a.k.a. Swimming Dragon) Continuous/Linked Form Eight Trigram Palm routine'. In addition to said Form - which is a Prenatal/Circular routine - Wen Zhongshi has also included the 64 Postnatal/Linear Palms in his treatise.