Sunday, February 28, 2016

Xing Yi Quan Bare Knuckle - Paul Andrews

Xing Yi Quan Bare Knuckle - The Importance Of Testing Under Pressure (Hsing I Chuan) - Paul Andrews

Here is an example of one method of testing your Xing Yi under pressure in a non compliant situation. 

Bare knuckle fighting often results in fighting defensively and develops your respect for each and every strike. If you get hit, often that's the end of it, especially when you're training with a guy who's much bigger and heavier as wells as a skilled martial artist with a law enforcement job. Paul is around 5ft 8" 174cm and weighs 82kg (13stone/181pounds) Alex is around 6ft 2" 189cm and weighs around 120kg (19stone/266pounds).

Plus to a certain extent we are also trying not to kill each other in training!

A lot of the time it doesn't look like very much is happening but the reality is that you are testing the opponent's awareness and defence constantly through small shifts in position, height, distance. This results in a lot of small tests and movements as you look to find the advantage.

[Paul - watching this video back I've also noted a number of things I need to address when facing off against Alex. I'm a little one-sided as I'm trying to defend against his stronger right strikes. Sometimes video of sparring and training helps you work out what you need to work on too!]"

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