Saturday, January 23, 2016

Shaolin Xinyi Ba

"31st generation monk Shi De Bao demonstrating some of the traditional forms of Xinyi Ba.
Xinyi Ba contains a number of short forms consisting of a short sequence of movements practiced while walking in way very similar to the forms of Xinyi Liuhe
These traditional Xinyi Ba forms are very rarely shown.
Many of the people who learned Xinyiba in the early 20th century also learned many other Shaolin forms. Later these people or their descendants mixed the Xinyi Ba Shen Fa into the other Shaolin forms they had learned.
Virtually all of what is shown as Xinyi Ba online today are these other Shaolin forms which have been mixed with Xinyi Ba Shen Fa and in some cases have also been influenced by the methods and Shen fa of other styles such as Chen Taiji and Xinyi Liuhe.
This is not to say that these people do not know or practice Xinyi Ba. 
However Xinyi Ba has long been regarded as one of the most secret of the Shaolin styles. Because of this most of these teachers will only publicly show and teach these other Shaolin forms done with some Xinyi Ba influence.
So far this is the only video I have come across purporting to show the actual forms of traditional Xinyi Ba."

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