Friday, May 16, 2014

Kung Fu - Fuzhou Mud Crab Boxing

"Xun Fa "Mud Crab Methods"
This (kung fu) system comes from the Guo clan of Guozhai Xiang (Guo Manor Village) in Fuzhou's Cangshan district and was created in the early Republican era. The founder Guo Daogen based this method on the actions of the Mud Crab. This type of crab is common in coastal Chinese cuisine and is known for it's size and it's large powerful claws.
The boxing methods incorporate sideways dodging and qin na methods based on the actions of the crab. Great emphasis is placed on developing extremely strong hands and fingers. These are needed for the signature crab claw methods which are used for twisting pulling and dislocating joints and soft tissues as well as attacking accupoints."

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