Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Gao Style Bagua with Luo De Xiu - Practice and Application

"Gao Style Baguazhang: Practice and Application(VHS), with Ba Gua expert Luo De Xiu.

In this one hour video Luo De Xiu demonstrates four different circle walking methods, shows numerous applications of the Gao style form, demonstrates six of the Gao style Post-Heaven straight-line Ba Gua forms with numerous applications, and teaches Ba Gua relaxation Qi Gong.

Luo De Xiu, who has been featured in Inside Kung Fu Magazine, the Pa Kua Chang Journal, and the Journal of Asian Martial Arts, was one of the senior students of Hong Yi Xiang, studied 2nd generation Ba Gua master Gao Yi Sheng's Ba Gua with several of Zhang Jun Feng's (3rd generation) top students, and studied intensively with Sun Xi Kun's (fourth generation Pa Kua lineage holder) student Liu Jian."

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