Friday, May 27, 2011

Boulder Internal Arts - Yi Zong Xingyi Quan - Luo Dexiu

Luo Dexiu in Xingyi Quan’s Tai Xing posture.
photo by Pierre Rouzier


  1. I have noted that many of the photos and youtube uploads for teacher Huang Wei-lun of Florida have been by Pierre Rouzier; I also note that there is no published history or lineage for Msr. Huang. does anyone know of either?

    1. Hello, I do know Mr. Rouzier but i do not know Huang Wei-lun. I believe Mr. Rouzier studied Tai Ji with him but i could be wrong.


    2. If you visit my new Facebook page "Taichi and Bagua with Pierre' you will find some answers, you will also find lineage of Weilun Huang on his web page I studied Yang style Taichi with Master Huang and his wife Shelly for over 10 years, which gave me an excellent base for studying Bagua under Marcus Brinkman and Luo De xiu. As for the pictures, I hope that you loke them.
      Pierre Richard Rouzier

    3. Thanks for posting Pierre! I hope you are well. It is good to hear from you and thanks for the clarification about your teacher.
      Best , Owen