Sunday, September 26, 2021

Xingyi Quan - 鸡形四把 Ji Xing Si Ba

                                                  Xingyi Quan - 鸡形四把 Ji Xing Si Ba

"王继武所传的形意拳,鸡形四把,王德立师父,何守岐师爷之徒弟,北京武术协会形意拳研究会监事长。Master Wang De Li performed the Ji Xing Si Ba(Four handle of chicken form). Master Wang Deli is disciple of grandmaster He Shou Qi, one of top disciples of legendary 100 years old great grandmaster Wang Ji Wu. Master Wang De Li is one from famous contemporary Beijing masters,member of Beijing Wushu Association and supervisor of the Beijing Xing Yi Quan association.Master Wang is also descendant of Yin Fu(尹福)style of Bagua zhang,the eight trigram palm style (尹福派八卦掌)"

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