Monday, November 16, 2020

Song style Xing Yi Quan 张增记 宋式形意拳 - Zhang Zengji

                                   Song style Xing Yi Quan 张增记 宋式形意拳 - Zhang Zengji

"Master Zhang Zengji, chairman of the Beijing Xing Yi Quan Research Association demonstrate the 12 forms linking fist of Song Shi Rong branch. It is very interesting 12 forms, different from our Wang Jiwu branch. Master Zhang learned from Beijing master Xu Fan Zeng (许繁曾) and Shanxi Taigu master Tian Jin Zhong (田进忠) He also had the oportunity to get the advices and guidances of Song style grand masters Song Guanghua(宋光华) and Wang Rugui (王儒贵,disciople of Zhao Yongchang赵永昌who was disciople of Song Tielin 宋铁麟). Chairman Zhang is also mastered in Bagua in Cheng Tinghua lineage. 北京武术协会形意拳研究会会长张增记老师演练宋式形意拳十二形连环拳套路。  纪念意拳宗师王芗斋诞辰130周年大会2015 。11。 22"

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