Sunday, September 1, 2019

Shuai-jiao (摔角) - Tong Zhongyi

Shuai-jiao (摔角) - Tong Zhongyi

"Tóng zhōngyì (佟忠義) was a Manchu martial artist who lived between 1879 and 1963. He was likely a descendant of the White Banner. He had an illustrious martial career working in security companies, militaries, and as an instructor. He trained in Baoding Shuaijiao and likely also practiced Mongol Bokh, along with Da Liu He boxing, archery, spear, and weight lifting. He wrote a book on wrestling titled 中國摔角用法, or Chinese Wrestling Method, with training regimens, advice, and techniques. In this video we're trying out the 28 throws shown at the end of the manual to give you a glimpse of this man's style."

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