Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Chinese Swordsmanship - Kunwu Sword Manual 李凌霄 by Li Lingxiao -trans. Scott M. Rodell

The image above is of Zhang Liao (張遼), a general who served under Cao Cao in the late Eastern Han dynasty. Zhang was considered one of the Five Elite Generals of his time. For more information about him, please see:


Xīn, yǎn, shēn, shǒu, bù, běn shǔ liánhé dòngzuò. Gèzhǒng quán jì, mòbù jiǎngjiù. Jiànshù yì rán. Xuézhě bùkě hū yě.

Mind, eye, body, hand, steps, are all united in action. Of all types of boxing arts none doesn’t pay attention to this. The sword art is also this way. Practitioners must not neglect this.

Kunwu Sword Manual
by Li Lingxiao [published Feb, 1935]
-trans. Scott M. Rodell

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