Thursday, October 29, 2015

Wing Chun Kung Fu "An Approach to Ip Man Style Wing Chun" by Wayne Belonoha

An Approach to Ip Man Style Wing Chun by Wayne Belonoha

(Disclaimer - i do not practice Wing Chun Kung Fu)

The title says it all, this is one man’s approach to the basics of Ip Man style Wing Chun Chinese Kung Fu based on his practice, training and time with high level lineage holders in the art. It is a great intro to Wing Chun’s history, philosophy, fists, footwork, forms and usage. As an outsider to Wing Chun I thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Belonha’s straight forward approach and use of pictures to explain all aspects of his art. This book has some of the best use of color photos in any “teaching” style martial arts book I have ever read. The pictures are well photographed and illustrate the proper (or improper) use of technique.
In the first section Mr. Belonha gives a high level overview of grandmaster Ip Man’s Wing Chun, his life, its creation and his students. The following section continues with “What is Gong Fu (Kung Fu)?” its meaning and principles, he then presents a high level overview of Wing Chun, its curriculum, purpose, basic theory and definitions. In the following sections he outlines “the system” including stances, drills and the first form.

The third and fourth sections cover the practical training and applications of Wing Chun. Over all, the book covers the basics and lays a foundation for success while training the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu. 

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