Sunday, October 19, 2014

Xing Yi Quan - Shang Style

Cui Guogui demonstrating most of the system of Shang style (hebei) Xing Yi Quan.
Master Cui was a student of Xin Jianhou which was one of Shang Yun Xiang's students.
Forms demonstrated include...
WuXingQuan (5 element fists)
Wu Xing Lian Huan Quan(5 elements linking form)
Luohan Ba Shi (arhat 8 postures)
JinGang BaShi ( diamond 8 postures)
Chu Dong Ru Dong
Liu He Quan ( 6 harmonies fist)
ShiEr Hong Chui ( 12 great hammers)
ShiErXing ( 12 animals)
Za Shi Chui ( Mixed postures hammer)
And weapons forms

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