Sunday, March 30, 2014

Dai Xin Yi Quan - Power Training - The Squatting Monkey Exercise

Dai Xin Yi Power Training - The Squatting Monkey Exercise

"Several Demonstrations from the Dai Style Xinyi. First is a young boy demonstrating squatting monkey exercises and then goes into Tiger step. Second is Yue Jianzu son of Yue Guining (Disciple of Dai Kui). Here he demonstrates element form. Word is that Yue Jianzu never wanted to learn martial arts until Yue Guining paid some thugs to beat him up! Third is a clip of Wang Yinghai, disciple of Dai Kui. Here he performs the Xinyi Dai Nui Kou San Dao (3 broadswords). 5th is a practioner demoing with "chopstick" like weapons. And lastly is Dong Jianlong performing the 3rd set of Za Shi Chui (locking postures). Za Shi Chui roots come from mantis, and was taught to the Dai clan by Jin Shikui. (thank you Jarek Syzmanski for info)" DPGDPG

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