Friday, October 12, 2012

Yin Style Bagua Zhang - Weapons Demo

Yǐn Shì BāGuà Zhǎng, ZhuàngYuán Bǐ (PànGuān Bǐ)
Yin Family Bagua, *Imperial Scholar's Pen (Judge's Pen) performed by master Liu YongChun of Shandong province. Yin Fu was known for his preference for Needle type weapons. There are many variations of these weapons and most Yin style lineages have forms for them. "Needle" or "Pen" or "Thorn/Piercer" weapons are not exclusive to Bagua and are found all over China in many if not most styles. Other systems known for their extensive use of needle weapons are XinYi LiuHe, and XingYi.

*ZhuàngYuán is an Imperial scholar of the very highest possible rank. The word Bǐ is usually translated as pen but it originally referred to a brush. PànGuān was the title of Judges during certain dynasties, but it comes from the god of the same name who passes judgement over the spirits of the dead. Sometimes Pan Guan is translated as "Hell Judge". From TheaSinensisSerpenti

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