Saturday, July 7, 2012

Xingyi Bad Ass! Che Yizhai!

From Xingyi Max :

Che Yizhai (车毅斋), from Taigu County of Shanxi Province, was one of the top students of Li Luoneng (李洛能, 1807 – 1888).
Che Yizhai
Che Yizhai, a.k.a. Che Yonghong (车永宏), was born in a poor farmer family at Taigu County, Shanxi Province in 1833. Che began to study the art of Xingyiquan under Li Luoneng around 1856. Che Yizhai’s Xingyiquan skill was not only recognized by Xingyiquan practitioners from Shanxi Province but also by Hebei Xingyiquan practitioners. Well-known Xingyiquan practitioners fron Hebei province, such as, Guo Yunshen (郭云深, 1820 – 1901), Li Taihe (李太和, son of Li Luoneng), Li Cunyi (李存义, 1847 – 1921), Liu Wenhua (刘文华, son of Liu Qilan), Sun Lutang (孙禄堂, 1860 – 1933) and son on, had traveled to Shanxi to visit Che.
Beside working as a farmer, Che Yizhai worked as a bodyguard for most of his life. Che had involved in numerous real fights and challenges from other martial artists, the most famous fight was Che, at 81 years old, defeated a Japanese Kendo master within split second in sword fight challenge at Tianjin city, in 1914.
Che Yizhai passed away at the age of 82 in 1915. Che Yizhai Style Xingyiquan is known as Che Style Xingyiquan in modern martial arts circles.

Seated Left: Che Yizhai, Seated Right: Guo Yunshen (郭云深)

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