Monday, October 10, 2011

Kung Fu Bad Ass - Wang Zi Ping (1881-1973)

Wang Zi-Ping (1881–1973) (simplified Chinese: 王子平; traditional Chinese: 王子平; pinyin: Wáng Zǐpíng; Wade–Giles: Wang Tzŭ-p’ing) was a Chinese-Muslim practitioner of Chinese Martial Arts and traditional medicine from Changzhou, Cangxian county, Mengcun, Hebei Province.[1] He served as the leader of the Shaolin Kung Fu division of the Martial Arts Institute in 1928 and was also the vice chairman of the Chinese Wushu Association.[2] Wang was known for his mastery of Cha quan, Hua quan, Pao Chuan, Bajiquan, and Tai Chi Chuan.[citation needed]

Early in his life, Wang was a member of an underground revolutionary group known as "The Righteous and Harmonious Fists" during the Boxer Rebellion. This was believed to be resulting from the fact that Ziping had lived most of his life under colonial rule from major European powers. He later resigned membership after the fall of the Qing government and became a student of Yang Hongxiu,[3] from which he learned the art of Cha Quan.

He developed an exercise regimen for long life. He published works on martial arts exercises.[4]

When Zhou Enlai visited Burma, Wang, then 80 years old, went with them performed martial arts during the visit. He died when he was 93 years old.[5]

Wang developed "Quan Shr Er Shr Fa" (Twenty Fist Method)[6] as well as "Ching Long Jian" (Green Dragon Sword). He was succeeded by his daughter Wang Ju-Rong and his granddaughters Grace Wu, Xiaoping wu and Helen Wu. From Wikipedia

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