Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wang Yinghai – Dai Style Xinyiquan Instructional Video

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Wang Yinghai (王映海, 1925 – ), from Qi County of Shanxi Province, is a fifth generation Dai Style Xinyiquan practitioner. Wang started his learning of Dai Style Xinyi at the age of 15 under Dai Kui (戴魁, 1874 – 1951). As Dai Kui didn’t have any children and the young Wang helped Dai during his difficult time, Wang Yinghai was one of the few “outsiders” who has the privilege of learning the art of Dai family. Wang has also inherited the tradition of Dai family, he rarely taught Dai Style Xinyi until the 80s of last century. Wang Yinghai has been recommended to the post of vice-president during the formation of Wushu Association of Qi County in 1984. Since then, Wang has been active in both national and international martial arts scene, he has opened his mind and taught the art of Dai Style Xinyiquan. Wang Yinghai has a high reputation in Japan, his martial skills has been respected as “the last secret martial art” and “the absolute undefeated and ferocious practical martial art”.

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