Monday, May 27, 2019

Xing Yi Quan - Wang Jinguo, Iron Luohan lineage, performing Splitting fist (Pi Quan 劈拳)

May 2019, Beijing, China, Xing Yi Quan master Wang Jinguo performing Splitting fist (Pi Quan劈拳).

Wang Jinguo (王进国) is one of early top disciples of grandmaster Pan Zhiyuan, wo was top disciple of top student of legendary Iron Luohan Zhang Changfa/Zhang Xiangzhai (铁罗汉张长发 aka 张祥斋). He is now 70 years old and he has been learning with grandmaster Pan since child age, more than 50 years. His style is delicate and bright, full of inner power. Lineage: Li Luoneng(李洛能)---Liu Qilan(刘奇兰)---Liu Dianchen (刘殿琛)---Zhang Changfa (张长发)---Pan Zhiyuan (潘志源)---Wang Jinguo (王进国).

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