Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Gao Style Bagua - Hou Tien - 64 Palms Two Person Set

Gāo Pài Bāguà, Hòutiān Liùshísì Zhǎng Chāi Shǒu -
(Gao Style Bagua Zhang, Post-Heaven 64 Palms Broken Down Hands)

Each of the 64 post-heaven palms of Gao Style Bagua can be broken down into a two person set. Each one of the 64 two person sets consists of a sequence of 6 applications, one for each line of the hexagram.
Demonstrated by master Zhang Jianguo and his student of the Cangzhou area Zhang Fuhai lineage of Gao style Bagua.
Zhang Jianguo studied under master Gao Yisheng in Tianjin for over 10 years before bringing his style of Bagua to the Cangzhou region.
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