Monday, May 1, 2017

JUNPO DENIS KELLY - An Awakened Mind

"An Awakened Mind—one abiding in Clear Deep Heart–Mind—experiences anger not as a violent reaction but as intense clarity of mind and deep concern.
An Awakened Mind experiences shame as a false belief that I am inadequate, worthless and invalid. An awakened mind hears and differentiates shame and healthy guilt. Guilt is experienced as a wake-up call, an integrity check, exposing something I have done that I will take responsibility for.
An Awakened Mind experiences dissociation for what it is - a missed opportunity to respond, connect, to communicate, or resolve a situation. An Awakened Mind experiences fear not as a reaction but as excitement and opportunity. In an Awakened Mind, intelligence, interest and compassion override, transform and replace the voices of all negative reactive emotions."

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