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Kung Fu - Internal Martial Arts - Cheng Bagua Zhang - Sun Xi Kun - Boulder, CO

  Double Bumping Palm

Sun Xi Kun 孫 錫 堃 (1883-1952) was one of the few disciples of Cheng You Long (also called Cheng Hai Ting), the oldest son of Cheng Ting Hua. The palms are excerpted from Sun’s book, Ba Gua Quan Zhen Chuan (Genuine Transmission of Ba Gua Zhang).

Translation by Tom Basio - Found: HERE

The Double Bumping Palm

In this palm, one must extend the two hands, round the back, relax the shoulders, and drop the elbows. The wrist presses outward and the little fingers turn upward. The two elbows are curved. Suck in the Kua and look between the two hands. The body is straight, but it sits down. Turn the waist with the back of the head facing forward – it is like walking sideways.
This posture trains the speed of the body and waist. When changing the posture, walk with Kou Bu and raise the inside hand, hide the head, relax the shoulder, and turn the little finger upward. Press the rear hand downward, with the palm facing outward and out, close to the body. This is called “Picking up the Moon from the Bottom of Sea.” Then suck in the back hand and walk with the Kou Bu, kicking the foot straight out and close to the knee. The upper palm drops down, returning to the original posture.
Bumping palm 1 2 The Double Bumping Palm
In this posture, two hands extend outward. Sit down with the waist and suck in the Kua. The little fingers turn upward, relax and drop the two shoulders, and be empty in the heart and calm in the mind. Take in the chest, spread the back and walk along the circle.

Bumping palm 2 The Double Bumping Palm
To change, walk forward with the right foot in Kou Bu, and simultaneously swing the left foot back. The right hand is close to the body and has a dropping downward energy, while the left hand upholds outward with upholding energy.

Bumping palm 3 The Double Bumping Palm
Then, the left and right hands return, as the right foot kicks out straight. Turn the waist and suck in the Kua smoothly returning to the original posture.

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