Wednesday, February 20, 2013

5 Chinese Kung Fu Blogs You Should Be Reading

These are all sites that I read regularly. Some I like for the articles, some for the martial scholarship and some for variety. In no particular order: - Chinese Martial Studies - I am new to this site but I like the variety of content, Chinese Martial Arts, Chinese Culture. Well written and scholarly. - Tao Meditation Blog - I have been following this one for a while and I have to say that the breadth and depth of Daoist ideas and Chinese philosophy is unusual. I don’t necessarily agree with everything said or the perspective it is presented from but when I need Chinese brain food to is a go to spot. Plum Publishing – the venerable Plum Publishing has been around for a long time and their blog reveals something about why. I like it because they cover a wide variety of CMA (Chinese Martial Arts) topics that are both timely and relevant as well as letting you know about new releases of VCD’s, DVD’s, Books, etc. Wu Lin Ming Shi – This blog is defunct but the owner has left the postings up and it is definitely worth reading. Well researched articles by a westerner traveling in China; Lots of historical posts on martial figures and styles. Internal Martial Art – Also defunct and left up by the owner (thank you). The blog mostly contains translations of “Portraits of Famous Swordsman”; written accounts of the lives and deeds of famous Chinese swordsmen.

Honorable Mention: - Mike Sigman – Mike Sigman is an institution in the CMA world. This is the most recent incarnation of his blog. Mike’s Internal Strength theories helped this writer to understand the meaning of many Chinese esoteric ideas early on, worth reading. - Dai Xin Yi Blog – A treasure trove of interviews and commentary on the Dai Family Xin Yi Quan.  Xin Yi is the historical predecessor to Xing Yi Quan and there is a lot of overlap in idea and theory.

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