Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ling Kong Jin - Empty Force - Fake or Real?

Ling Kong Jin - Empty Force - Fake or Real? You Decide.........
Ling Kong Jin (empty force) is a method of energetic manipulation (no hands) used by some Kung Fu - Internal Martial Arts teachers. I have seen demonstrations where students were knocked  out, knocked down or thrown away by their teacher without physical contact. I have NEVER seen any demonstrations of these techniques on an unwilling/ resisting opponent that didn't end badly for the teacher (see second video). I am not saying it doesn't exist just that i have not seen it.

You decide......


  1. I think you touched on the key aspect of this thing. The difference is demonstrations of these techniques on an unwilling or resisting opponent and that of a willing participant. I think that your videos clearly show the contrast.
    Perhaps this 'show' of skill was deigned as cheap advertising? A bogus claim that says, "check out our style, we can make people fly away without touching them!" In reality the person spends an eternity and a mountain of cash trying to achieve the 'skill' level of the master and doesn't get jack.

    1. I think your response is right on the money!